Amusing Patents

Waking Persons

Device for Waking Persons from Sleep
Patent Number: 256,265
Date of Patent: April 11, 1882
A device consisting of a suspended light frame that hangs directly over the head of the sleeper. The suspending-cord being combined with automatic releasing devices, whereby the frame is at the proper time permitted to fall into the sleeper's face. When it falls, it will strike a light blow, sufficient to awaken the sleeper, but not heavy enough to cause pain.

Pet Scratcher

Scratching and Petting Device for Household Pets
Patent Number: 4,872,422
Date of Patent: October 10, 1989
A mechanically activated device to scratch and stroke household pets to simulate ordinary human petting or scratching of the pet. The invention allows for a vertically adjustable petting arm to accommodate various sizes of pets, and may include an electronic eye or position sensitive switch to sense a pet's position to institute petting on demand.


Thumb Wrestling Game Apparatus With Stabilizing Handle
Patent Number: 4,998,724
Date of Patent: March 12, 1991
A novelty amusement toy, more specifically, an apparatus for playing a thumb wrestling game incorporating a stabilizing handle which employs forces generated by firmly interlocking fingers of players' hands to anchor a game ring surface. The surface has holes through which the players insert their thumbs and a solid wrestling region upon which one thumb can forcibly pin another thumb.

Parachute Hat

Fire Escape
Patent Number: 221,855
Date of Patent: November 18, 1879
A fire escape consisting of a parachute attached to the upper part of a body allowing a person to safely jump out of the window of a burning building from any height, and of thickly-padded shoes applied to the feet to secure the safe landing on the ground.

Waking Persons

Patent Number: 6,637,447
Date of Patent: October 28, 2003
A novelty accessory for use with beverages consisting of a small umbrella which may be attached to a beverage container in order to shade the beverage container from the direct rays of the sun. Not only can advertising or logos be applied to the umbrella surface for promotional purposes, but a pivot joint and counterweight may be provided to allow the umbrella to pivot out of the way when the user drinks the beverage.

Punishment Wheel

Punishment Wheel
Patent Number: 4,834,657
Date of Patent: May 30, 1989
An apparatus and method for choosing a punishment for a child who has behaved improperly. A child spins the wheel with an indicator over a display having decals describing various punishment possibilities. The punishment imposed is indicated when the wheel stops. Such punishments include: Chores, No Dessert and No Allowance.

Crispy Cereal Service Piece

Crispy Cereal Service Piece and Method
Patent Number: 4,986,433
Date of Patent: January 22, 1991
A method and apparatus for ensuring cereal maintains its crispiness and does not become soggy in milk. The invention has a cereal serving piece, such as a bowl, having a sloped chute mounted on one end with an upper bowl supported by the chute which holds the dry cereal. As the person finishes eating the cereal in the milk in the lower bowl, additional cereal can be moved down the chute from the upper bowl thus insuring that the crispiness of cereal is maintained throughout even the most leisurely meal.

Woman Hat

Women's Hat
Patent Number: 1,045,060
Date of Patent: November 19, 1912
An apparatus for supporting a hat above and out of contact with the wearer permitting free circulation of air entirely around and over the head of the wearer. The invention is designed to prevent headaches caused by the weight and close fitting of a hat, allow free movement of the head of the wearer, render it possible to employ a hat of such size as to avoid the use of a parasol or umbrella, among other uses.